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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Wrekin

Hubby is off to climb the Wrekin with a number of people from church tonight!I will NOT be joining them. I am extremely unfit. I need to do something about that. But there is NO way I can climb the wrekin. I tried once, we tried to climb the Wrekin very early in the morning in order to watch the sun rise. I got about half way up, I think, and I was so out of breath, so exhausted that I truly felt like I might die. I begged hubby to carry on up the hill without me and I would walk down on my own but he was worried and so came down with me. Truth is that as soon as I started walking down hill rather than uphill, I was absolutely fine. Shame I can't get to the top walking downhill! Heeheee, maybe I could hire a helicopter to drop me at the top and I could walk down. Eldest son just informed me I managed to get 3/4 of the way up. Maybe I should try it again some day when I have PLENTY of time to stop and rest along the way.

Tonight they are climbing in order to pray and plan some prayer walking. The leader at church has this idea that we should prayer walk, over time, the whole of the town. And they are going up the hill to overlook the town (it should be fantastic in the dark), and pray and ask God where to start and how to plan this.
This is the top of the Wrekin. It will be dark when they are up there tonight, but hopefully it won't be in cloud. Hubby and youngest son have certainly climbed to the top when they have been in cloud before now, but that was during the day. Can't imagine doing dark AND cloud at the same time. That transmitter in the background is where all the tv and radio for our area is transmitted from.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Movies that make me cry

How many of you have been reading my blogs long enough to know about me crying, bawling my eyes our in fact, and having God moments in KIDS movies?

I'll bet there's quite a few new readers who have never heard of this. I will try and write up a proper post on the history of this later in the week, to let you all in on that. But I just had to share that I just watched Robin Williams in Hook, and YES I cried! And God moments? In Hook? OH YES!

When Robin Williams finally realised he really WAS Peter Pan and learnt to fly again, and Roofio, who had been leading the lost boys in his absence came to him, with the sword, and offered it to him. WOH! Roofio had been fighting against him being the real Pan until this point, but at this point of submission, as he acknowledged who and what Peter really was, there is a restoration. Roofio is restored to his proper position, he is a BOY, nothing more, just one of the lost boys, yes probably the oldest, yes probably the best fighter, but just one of the boys, he isn't carrying the weight of being in charge any more, he isn't weighed down by a responsibility that was never meant to be his.

And then, the end of the movie, when Peter is fighting Hook, and the children are cheering him on as peter Pan, but then realise he is their daddy, and that moment of recognition in their eyes? THIS! This man, come to save me, THIS is MY DADDY! And it so reminds me of our relationship to God as father and that moment of truly recognising that, truly understanding that this might great and powerful God is MY DADDY! WOH!

And then they go to fly home, and Peter stays behind to appoint a new leader to the lost boys. That is so moving, and then the children get home, to their mother. And this is no fairy tale where the children have been gone but not even missed, because no time has passed at home, OH NO! They have been missing, and she has been up all night in their room, wishing and hoping and praying, and they sneak into their beds, and she wakes up, and looks at them in their beds but doesn't believe it. She speaks to her grandmother and says something about her dreams being so real that she still sees them in their beds when she awakes. But then they do, and there is this reunion, and I just cried for all those mothers who have missing children, who never know if they will see that day. Who can't allow themselves to grieve that missing child yet, because to grieve would be to acknowledge that the child is gone for good, so grief is postponed in the hope of return! HEARTBREAKING!

and there is still MORE! Then Peter wakes up, in the snow at the foot of the peter Pan statue in the park, and makes his way home, where he finds his mobile phone ringing in the snow in the garden. This man, who before he went to never Land to rescue his children, had been too busy with work, been too busy for his own children, is babbling down the phone to this work contact about pixie dust and flying, and tells the person on the other end of the phone to experience flying himself and throws the phone out of the window! And you know that this is one daddy who has learnt the lesson, who, never again will put his work before his children. Who has learnt to laugh and learnt to play and learnt to think happy thoughts! And my heart breaks for all those children who fathers are not absent physically, but who are absent emotionally, for whatever reason whether it be a genuine physical need for the money he brings in, in order to survive or whether it be for his own self esteem and his own misunderstanding of what it means to be a father.

Yep, another movie for the God Moment list!

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