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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

If you don't ask, you don't get!

This is NOT a sponsored post in any way shape or form. I am not personally going to benefit from writing this, but I thought I ought to tell you about something that I already benefited from in case you can benefit too.

We currently obtain all our cable tv, landline phone and broadband from Virgin Media. We were Telewest customers and Virgin took over Telewest a few months ago.

We have phone line rental (for which we pay £11), broadband (for which we pay £18.50), and we dropped down to their free tv package a few months ago when we were really cutting our budget. (You can only have the free tv package if you stay as customers of other products such as phone etc.)
Hubby noticed that their current offer to new customers is phone line rental, the same broadband that we have now and the top package tv (for 12 months, to drop back to the middle one after that), for £30 a month. That's just 50 pence more than we are paying now! And somewhere hubby had seen that the offer was open to exisiting customers.

Soooo, he phoned them up. Hmmm, there was a catch, there always is, right? It's only open to new customers if they are taking out a new service. i.e. if they are currently only customers of 2 of those services, and are taking out the 3rd.
So hubby launched into "if you don't ask you don't get" mode.
UK readers will know that there has been a huge bust up between Virgin Media and Sky TV, meaning that we recently lost access on cable to all Sky channels. That wasn't much of a loss to us, there were only a few shows that we really watched on it, but we know that Virgin have lost customers over it. So hubby said something to the effect of "Well, we've been customers all these years, why should we stay with Virgin? What can you do for us." So the girl he was talking to went to speak to a supervisor and came back.

OK, so we can't have the top mega package on the tv, but we can have the one which it will drop back to after that 12 months intro, we can have it, the broadband and the phone line rental for £30, and for us that price will be fixed for life! Unless a better offer comes along. But we are guaranteed that they will not put the price up! so for 12 and a half pence a week we have all these extra channels that we have missed while being on the free package. We get the GOD CHANNEL back! We get a lot of the documentary channels back and plenty more.

Now it doesn't always work. We tried it when we we first moved or mortgage. Our intro offer had finished and we asked them what else they could do for us, they offered nothing and so we moved it to someone who could. But heck, it's worth a try! If you don't ask, you don't get!

oooooooh, one of the shows we are just in time for the new series of (new series over her at least) is Extreme Makeover, Home Edition, and I know that someone I know online said there was one in her neighbourhood, this series. If that's you, can you please remind me so I can watch out for that episode in particular.

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