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Friday, April 20, 2007

My Broken Car headlight

We have some new news on my broken car headlight.
Yes it's all working fine now because hubby got a replacement glass and fitted it for me.

I still wasn't happy with an explanation though. Knew it wasn't an air gun or something like that, because of the way it smashed and absolutely no sign of a bullet, wasn't happy with the "stone flicked up by a car on the road" explanation either because of where the car is parked behind bushes.

And then, TONIGHT, just 20 feet away, in that row of bushes we find a dead bird of prey. I've looked it up online and I'm pretty sure it's a Kestrel. We're just coming out of breeding season into laying season, and during breeding season they are particularly territorial, like all birds. I know that other species sometimes attack their own reflections in windows and other glass objects and I wonder if this kestrel, caught sight of his reflection in my headlight glass (parked near a lampost so there would have been some light even at night) and went for it. A bird of that size going full throttle for an enemy could indeed smash a headlight.

I know we don't live in a rural area, but I have seen Kestrels before locally, hopping around by the side of a road once. And we've seen other birds of prey on a regular basis.

Another explanation is that someone had seen it and was taking pot shots at it with a gun and got my headlight instead.

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