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Monday, July 30, 2007

Write a Book? Me? - BLOGATHON 2007 Post 39

IF I write a book, this would be the foreword.

I want to start with a few words to explain why I’m writing this book.
It all started a few years ago when I went to see ‘The Grinch’ with my children, the Christmas it was released at the cinemas. You will read about exactly what happened that day in the pages of this book, but let me tell you, God met me, right there in the cinema, at a point of great pain in my life and through that event continued the process of healing He had already started.
At that time I assumed it was a one off experience, but I continued to meet with God during the movies, having moments where I understand something of god much more clearly through the story being played out on screen, or moments where He brings healing to my heart.
My children are currently 11 and 14 and are now both well used to their mom crying her way through whatever movie they have persuaded her to take them to see. To the extent that they have been known to lean over to each other and ask “Is she crying yet?”
As I have shared some of these experiences with friends, they have encouraged me to record them and share them. And so, here I am, and her you are, reading of my adventures at the movies.
Most of these experiences have happened during children’s movies, probably as that is what I end up viewing at the cinema most often. But more recently I have begun to have similar experiences through TV, so look out for those in amongst the children’s stuff.
Much of what I write is not new, others have made similar observations about each of these movies or shows, I do not intend for this book to claim anything unique about these ideas, I merely want to share honestly of my experiences. Some, you will find, connect with something in your heart and others may make no sense to you at all. I know that and I hope that everyone who reads this book, finds at least one thing that blesses them.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE it! :)
    Makes me want to read the rest, for sure!
    Twinkling for Jesus,

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