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Friday, September 21, 2007


I showed you some of my favourite funnies last night, but I saved the best till last. THIS guy is amazing! I have puppets, and I love working with them, with the kids at church, but NOTHING I have ever seen a puppeteer do can make me laugh like this guy can.

I have puppets here, that I use at church with the kids. I have two muppet style puppets, that I made myself, these are fantastic. I had to replace the body on one of them and for some reason, since I did that it's body sits much flatter than it did before, even though I followed the same pattern. Can't figure that one out.
I also have a bird puppet with a squeaker. But it's a proper puppet squeaker. The squeakers you find in most kids toys work by squeezing the air out through the noise maker when you press. But obviously for a puppet, you want the noise when you open the mouth, not when you close it, so somehow they worked on them and we have the proper puppet squeaker.

I would also love one of the dog in a bag puppets, but that's a maybe, one day.

and part 2

And now. . . . .

Heehee, I have to go to work and so I am going to make you wait!

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