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Saturday, November 01, 2008

What is a Car Boot Sale?

Oh dear oh dear oh dear, for all my American friends, I shall now explain what a car boot sale is.

Imagine having a yard sale or garage sale where you had no HUGE items to sell.
Where it was all stuff that would easily fit in a car.

Now imagine the time and effort you put into publicising your sale.
And the numbers of people who come through your area?

Now imagine someone ELSE doing the publicity.
SOMEONE ELSE putting out notices, making sure it is in the local newspaper, etc!
And then imagine hundreds and hundreds of people coming through your sale area!

So, a Car Boot Sale is where we load up our car with all that stuff, take it to an organised Car Boot Sale event, sometimes on a car park, sometimes on a field, where other people have also brought their cars loaded up with stuff, and the customers only have to come to ONE place! They haven't got to traipse around whole neighbourhoods looking for today's sales, they know where to go and when and they will find all those items together in one place.

Usually you pay around £5 to take your car full of stuff into the site and have a pitch, you take fold up tables to lay your wares on, and you sell as much of it as you can. Often to people who then go on and sell it on ebay for a profit, but who cares, we got rid of it and we got something for it and that is what counts.

Is that clear? Are there any questions?

The one we are going to tomorrow is small in car boot numbers, BUT is attached to a regular weekly market so that still brings the customers in, the one we want to get to next week is huge with hundreds of car booters coming together in one place.


  1. so basically it is a community yard sale`

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