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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday 13 - 13 walks I would like to attempt

13 walks I would like to attempt
Click on the image to go to the web page (most are pdf's) for that walk.

  1. Nescliffe Nonsense
    Nescliffe Nonsense
  2. Nescliffe Nonsense 2
    nescliffe Nonsense2
  3. Bloody Battlefield
    Explore the site of a brutal battle fought between King Henry IV and the rebellious
    Harry Hotspur six hundred years ago.
    Bloody Battlefield
  4. The big walk at Ellesemere
    Meres meander
  5. Acton Scott Amble
    Acton Scott Amble
  6. Wagoner's Wander
    Wagoners Wander
  7. Rectory Wood and Field
    Rectory Wood
  8. Wats Dyke Walk
    Wats Dyke Walk
  9. Wrekin Hill Fort
    Wrekin Hill Fort
  10. Around the Wrekin
    Around the Wrekin
  11. Reynolds Way
    Reynolds Way
  12. Adstone Walk
    Adstone Walk
  13. Any of the Geocaching Walks at the Shropshire hills Discovery Centre
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