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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What I Learned this Week

What did I learn this week?
This week I learned that the FIRST time you do something it will inevitably take longer than the remaining times you do it.
I decided last week that i need a set aside weekly time for spiritual renewal and practical planning. I pulled together ideas from a number of different places on the web and came up with the following plan:

Do daily bible reading and journaling.
Read through all the last week's journal entries.
Add any notes to those
Index those entries (I have a number of subtitles in the back pages and just note the page number where something that fits under one of those appears.)

Check diary I carry in my bag with the calendar on the wall, with google calendar. Make sure I know everything that should be happening this week, where I need to be and so on and that it is recorded in all 3 places.

Menu Plan
Shopping List

Plan some blog posts. Not pre writing, just thinking what I want to write about or what memes I want to take part in, and maybe at least WHAT I want to cover in those memes.

Small group prayer and planning

Children's work prayer and planning

Week's to do list

Any remaining time should be used for catching up on any journalling points that I missed in the week, and being REAL with my journal.

My ideal would be to find a coffee shop somewhere. Why do we HAVE TO call them coffee shops, eugh, I want to find a HOT CHOCOLATE SHOP, heehee. Anyway, back to what I was saying, I want to find somewhere I can spend a good few hours on a Saturday morning, go there early, with journal, bible, a few recipe magazines (I usually try to do a week's menu from 2 or 3 recipe magazines/cookbooks), notepad and pens.
Finding somewhere like that around here might prove difficult, so for now I am doing it at home.

GREAT PLAN! So, on Saturday morning, hubby went out around 8am for mens breakfast at church and i set to work. It took me nearly ALL DAY! OK, so we went out to the supermarket in the midst of that, but that must have taken an hour to an hour and a half at the very most. I did not finish this stuff up until sometime around 4pm or a little later. Good grief!

One of the women who I pulled some of these ideas from, goes to a coffee shop at 5:30am, and stays out for 5 hours. hmmm, I have sleep apnoea, I use a CPAP machine, I don't DO 5:30am. I am thinking about when I get around to replacing my mobile phone, about getting one that has easier web access and email, and probably a better plan for those things, too, so that I can do some of the online bits of that plan out at the coffee shop or cafe.

Although, d'you think they might start to lok at you a bit funny after you've sat there for 5 hours?

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1 comment:

  1. I need a Hot Chocolate / Diet Coke shop, not a coffee shop!

    With my iphone I find I can respond to emails and quick "to do"'s so much quicker now, usually while waiting in my car to pick up the kids!

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