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Friday, March 26, 2010

Trip to America part 2

So let's see, where did I get up to last week? Ah yes, My friend Pat took me back to Washington Dulles to get the plane to Atlanta. On the way her husband stopped at a gas station to grab a drink. When he came back to the car he handed me two lottery tickets, heeheee. We checked them later in the week and I didn't win, heehee. I probably wouldn't have been able to claim it anyway if I had, something about needing to be a resident of the state because it was a state lottery.

Guess what, we were delayed again. But not for long and pretty soon I was in the air on the final leg of my journey. We landed safely in Atlanta and then came the job of finding my way to where my friends were waiting and the Continental baggage office, because one thing I forgot to mention last week was that Continental had tagged my hold bags all the way through to Atlanta and I had done this 4 day journey with just the supplies in my cabin bag.

I had landed in a different part of the airport than my friends thought I had, so I came into the baggage claim area before i got to them. I passed the Continental baggage office and spotted my case through the window. I went in and pointed at it. The lady was so pleased to see me. She said she had been tracking my flights and leaving messages for me to let me know my bag had made it safely to Atlanta. She said she hoped that my experiences would not put me off coming back to America some day.

Then I manged to sneak up on my friends, who were waiting at the top of the escalators from the air train, but I came up to them from the side. there was lots and lots of hugs and then lunch. Some of my friends had come down to near Atlanta to spend that weekend with me and needed to head home on the Sunday, so I only got to spend the time we had at the airport with them! I was so excited to get to spend even some time with them but so sad not to get to spend more time with them and to have missed out on all the FUN of that weekend together.

One of my friends is a pure romance consultant and she gave me gifties to take home. She said that this way my husband would be so happy he would HAVE TO let me come to America again!

So, some people headed home from the airport, and the rest of us headed back to my friend's house. Me, Dana, Skipper and Sara, and Dana's 3 daughters. We hit LOADS of traffic on the way back so Dana got off the interstate and let the Sat Nav (GPS) work it out! They had set their Sat Nav to a British accent in my honour and Dana's girls were practising their best British accents (learnt from harry Potter of course) all the way home.

I had just the one evening and morning with Skipper and Sara as they both had to head home the following morning. but that one evening was awesome, we laughed and talked and I so HOPE I get to spend more time with them one day. And all of those friends who didn't get to make it and the ones I was supposed to meet but didn't, I LOVE YOU ALL and will see you one day, I promise!

More of my trip next week.


  1. Anonymous12:12 am

    Oh the adventures! I love that they had the GPS with the accent. Hilarious! I used my British accent (if you can call it that) when I was teaching pre-K and the kids would all say, "She's liking like Harry Potter." So funny. Sounds like you could be up for any adventure now that you've gone through this. =p

  2. Sounds like fun! I am in a rush, but I will have to go back and catch up on part 1, I missed it! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!

  3. It's so sweet that the lady was monitoring your bag and flights!

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