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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Back to the Bathroom

No, the dreaded stomach bug has not made a return visit, all are more or less feeling well now after the stomach flu made it's rounds of our house over the weekend. I say more or less because hubby, is still feeling a bit tired and just not quite right, but almost there.

No, I am referring to the piece I wrote last week about having worked on cleaning the bath and how God spoke to me through that. Go check it out if you haven't read it yet here.

Today I cleaned the bathroom again and yes that meant 10 minutes or so scrubbing away at the stain. The funny thing is that this week I really did see a tangible difference in the limescale from when I knelt down to work on it to when I finished. Why is that funny? Because today I am struggling. I am struggling with the raw ugly selfishness of my human heart and how it reacts to not getting what I want, to the ugliness of my heart when I fear not having control.

And yet TODAY was the day I got to see IN THE MOMENT, the difference I am making on that stain. And I knew God was speaking again, I knew I needed to discern what it was.

Through that, this week, God has spoken a real encouragement to my heart, not to give up. That sometimes he has to scrub and scrub away at our hearts and we don't see any new results, we have to rely on the knowledge of how far we've come, but sometimes he reveals things and we get to see them as he is working on them, we get the encouragement in the RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, we get to see what He is changing in us.

So, what I see revealed in my heart today may not be nice and it may not be pretty but it IS what God is revealing, what He is allowing to be uncovered so that he can work on it and he can change it.

Father God, thank You for revealing another layer, thank you for bringing me to this place in you. Thank You Daddy that you hold my heart safe in your hands, not safe from all hurt but safe in you, Amen.

1 comment:

  1. (((((hugs))))) You and me babe, you and me. I am grateful that as it is being revealed I know God will take care of it. Otherwise I would get overwhelmed like I am with this house right now! LOL

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