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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Theme-A-Day - Day 9 - My Wedding

My wedding . . . . ? Errrrmmmmmm, yeah that didn't quite go according to plan.

We had arranged to get married and 3 weeks before the date the whole thing got cancelled. The reasons why aren't important right now. Eventually we sorted ourselves out and planned another wedding, that was 8 months later. Because of the circumstances surrounding the first time, we did not have the BIG dream wedding that girls dream of.

My mom made my dress, my mom catered for the reception and the reception was held at my parents house. My husbands brother did out photographs, but he's pretty good, so that wasn't a hardship.

Vivid memories from the day include our then 2 1/2 year old son yelling "my mummy and daddy" every time the pastor said our names, and one of my distant aunts sat in a corner at the reception telling dirty jokes.

Unfortunately although video was taken, the tape got ruined in the transfer process from the format the camera used, to the one we needed to show it on our tvs. Oh well!

Looking back, I wish we had waited a bit longer before we went ahead with it and got our heads straight first, as consequently we've had our share of battles along the way. Later, we held a 2nd ceremony, just a few years ago in fact, where we renewed our vows. We held an Hawaiian Luau in our church building, complete with pig roast! That was fun!

A couple of photos from our real wedding



and a couple of photos from the Luau



And to finish and make this a completely mega long post, a piece of writing i did a few years ago. This was a vision god gave me, I could literally see and feel all of this, and wrote it down when it was done.

I can see a woman standing over a huge washtub, desperately rubbing this fabric up and down a washboard.

“I MUST get it clean”, she’s crying, “I have to.”
She’s desperate, helpless, the stains won’t come out, there’s nothing she can do.
“I can’t wear it like THIS!” she says as she falls in a heap on the floor.

What’s in the washtub?
Her wedding dress.
How could she ever hope to get it clean, to get it ready, to make it “good enough”.
It had been many years, and many stains, she had no hope of ever making it right.
In hopelessness she cried out to the only one who could make it clean.

Take this dress,
Take this mess
That was our marriage.
Lord, You’ve done so much already.
Dare I ask this one thing more?
Make me clean.
Take away this stain.”

Gently, lovingly, He took her hand.
“I’ve been waiting.
Waiting for this moment of desperation.
Waiting for you to know that I am the only one who can remove this stain, take away this hurt.”

He took her hand and lifted her to stand.

“Come look again.”

He lifted out the gown.

Still, there were the stains, but now they were changing.
They joined, they merged as He touched them.
As He ran his hand over this filthy rotten gown, it became a pattern on the fabric.
A beautiful pattern that even the greatest designer could not have come up with.

“I cannot take away what has already happened,
But I can treat the stain, heal the hurt, take the pain.”

“Take it!” He said, holding the dress out to her “Go, try it on.”

She grasped the dress out of His hands, she ran to the next room and put on that dress.

When she returned, she was truly beautiful.
She twirled about the room, radiant, beautiful, clothed in God’s love, His forgiveness, His healing.

“Now Go!
Now you are ready.
Ready to change hearts and lives.
Change whole cities, whole nations,
Because now you walk in a gown that is clean,
Truly clothed in my righteousness.
You have a job to do out there my dear child.”

“But, I’ll get it dirty again!”

“Yes, I know, but now you know, now you are learning, how to get it clean again.”
By Zoe Gregg - all rights reserved

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rescuing? Or Experiencing Life Together?

If you have known me for a while You may well be aware that I often have moments where God speaks to me through TV shows or movies and so on.

Well this week I finally got to watch the episodes of Torchwood we had recorded on our V+ box from earlier in the year. The series of 5 episodes that were shown nightly for a week. I watched all 5 episodes over just 2 days and BOY was that an intense experience.

It was intense all along but I wasn't particularly crying or aware of God moments until the final episode, day 5. OH MY WORD. There is so much in that episode, so many intense moments, and I was most definitely crying. In fact, I was bawling, and my 18 year old son who was on the sofa with me, a number of times said "Right that's it, I am switching this off, you obviously can't watch it." but I managed to keep the remote away from him!

Like I say there were all sorts of HUGE moments but there was one that really stood out for me.

There is a section where the family members of one of the main characters are trying to get some children away to a safe place. The army has come in, to the area where those family members are and is trying to take those children, with riot shields, batons and probably tear gas etc. The wife takes all the children and runs and the husband tries to create a diversion along with a number of other guys from the area by fighting back against the army guys. None of these guys are armed other than with anything they find lying around, because it all happens so fast.

Watching this is a policeman. A policeman who used to work with one of the main characters when she was still in the police force. He is watching what is happening and thinking and you see a moment when he decides to stand up for what is right rather than what he has been instructed to do and he throws off the identifiable parts of his uniform and joins these guys who are fighting against the army and gets stuck in with them. The thing that REALLY struck me though was that he was wearing either a bullet proof vest, or more likely a stab vest. He could have kept that on, he could have kept himself protected in that way.

But he didn't!
He tore that vest off along with the rest of his identifiable uniform and he joined them on equal terms. He didn't just come in to try and help them or try and rescue them, he joined them, he became one of them! On equal terms of risk with them, to fight ALONGSIDE them.

Be warned this clip has strong language and violence.

At the time I just bawled and said things like "WOW, did you see that, did you see what he just did?" I may have even rewound and watched that little bit again.

Looking back on it later it really made me think. Firstly about what Christ did for us, becoming one of us not just rescuing us.

And the 2nd thing it made me think of was missions, charity work and so on. I watch mission work and have even been part of it in some way, that swoops in, does it's thing and then swoops out again, never to be seen again, having salved their consciences with the fact that they have "helped these people". And my heart breaks!
Then I watch others, who immerse themselves in the lives and culture of the people they want to help. But it's more than that, it's not just people they want to help, it's people they LOVE, people that they have become part of, people that now have a piece of their heart and who will always be a part of them.

And I am desperate for SOMETHING OF THAT in my work in schools. To not just be "That nice lady who comes in and does some nice assembly talks" but to be a part of their lives. To be a part of the fabric of the school, doing whatever I can, whatever they need, whenever I can, whenever they need it. To be a safe spiritual "place" within the chaos that school can be. I want to know who they are and I want them to know me, I want to see big things, I want to be part of big things! I don't know how to make that happen, in fact I know that I cannot MAKE that happen, but I still want it, it is still my prayer!
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