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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Art Journal Travel Supplies

I am going to be out of town for two days with some free time on my hands so thought I would take my art journal and a few supplies along.

Here is what I will be taking:

Everything is in this bag. I got it for just £2.50 when the back to school supplies got reduced a week or so after the children had gone back. The ruler is just there to give you an idea of size, I am not taking it.

Since this bag will be going most places I go these couple of days, it is also acting as my handbag, so the front zipped pocket holds my mobile phone, purse, keys and journaling pen.

Under that front flap you can see there is the main pocket and two pockets running down the front.

This is what is in the front pockets. I have a tiny pot of gesso, certainly not enough for prepping any pages, but useful if I wanted to use some on a page as part of the design. The pot used to hold a single portion of jam. The glue stick was also bought in the back to school sales and cost me 50p instead of £2. In the two clear pencil cases you can see watercolour crayons and a bone folder on the right and an archival ink pad and set of alphabet stamps on the left. If I turn those cases over . . .

you can see I also have some small tubes of acrylic paint. just 12 ml tubes but i get that whole set for just £1 from the pound shop. Not the best paint in the world, but useful in certain situations. In the other case you can see some other stamps, curls, swirls and a couple of other background stamps.

Inside the main pocket you would find these. My pink pencil case, my written journal and my art journal.

The pencil case is great having three separate sections, and you 'll get a better look at the contents next.

Pound shop permanent markers, useless on bare paper because they bleed into the paper too much but excellent on top of acrylic paints, a set of 8 I think for just £1. Also a gold paint marker, white out pen, extra fine sharpie and gold silver and bronze wax crayons.

A set of sparkly pens, a black permanent paint pen and a few smaller brushes. Yes, I have had them a while and the paint is falling off the handles. But who wants to take their best brushes when travelling? I'd be gutted if I left my new brushes behind anywhere, but these it wouldn't matter too much. And they still do the job just fine.

And in the centre of that pencil case, a small pair of scissors a basic craft knife and soft grip craft blade, tiny ruler and a couple of pencils.

Finally on the back of the bag another pocket.

A plastic plate that I use as a pallet, a tub of baby wipes for keeping things clean, a small cutting mat that came free on the front of a magazine once and 3 plastic folders. They contain various alphabets, and images etc for using on my pages.

I have a number of prepped pages ready to work on, with backgrounds already done and am looking forward to seeing what comes of working ON THE GO!

See you all soon, when I get back!



  1. I have to ask dear Zoe girl, my English friend, is a Pound Shop what we would call a Dollar Store?

  2. Yes, a pound shop is more or less the equivalent of a dollar store, but just pounds instead of dollars.

  3. Wow! You are organised! All ready for 21 Secrets then!

    Let the fun begin........

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