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Friday, October 22, 2010


I have been struggling with a cold or some other bug that has left me with a nasty taste in my mouth whenever eating for days now.  I was also struggling with a mini creativity block.  So I went to 21Secrets (see link over in the sidebar) and launched into a page based on two of the classes.

One of my favourite classes has been the Typoholic class as my handwriting has never been the nicest to look at.  Then there is the Secret of Beginning class and one of the things we talk about in that class is it's not just about beginning the first time you learn something, it's about all the best artists begin again and again and again and it's always good to go back to the start.

So with the bit of creative block I decided it was time to begin again and just make a page about something as simple as not being able to taste stuff!

I went to a page that I had already painted a background on and grabbed a supermarket freebie magazine.  I cut out pictures of lots of different foods and glued them onto my page.  I hand wrote the blech! at the top of the page and then sponged a couple of colours of paint that I mixed up to be a bit dark and yucky, over the top.  One of the colours I put on using just a simple kitchen sponge that I had cut a chunk off and the other I used a scrunched up paper towel.  Then I wrote in the other text over the top.

So, yes, a lot of the pages I make are deep, and full of meaning to me, but some of them are just fun, playing with colours, techniques or just what is happening that day! 

THANKFULLY it seems that my sense of taste is returning, slowly.

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