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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Paint Colours Book

Every time I go to a craft store I look at the tubes and bottles of acrylic paint.  Especially now I have found a store tht stocks the smaller bottles of craft paint for just 99p, I'd like to get some more colours.  The problem is that stood there, in front of this wonderful rack of delights I can NEVER remember what colours I already have.  I have been meaning to make this little book since I bought my Bind it All, and finally got around to doing it last night.

First of all I designed a page with squares for the paint and lines for the brand and colour name of the paint.  I printed that out at 4 to a sheet of A4, on sketchbook paper and cut each sheet into 4.

I cut a piece of thin card for a front cover and a piece of chipboard for the back cover.

I bound it all on my Bind it All and this is the result.

The only possible problem I can forsee is that I might run out of pages, but I can always open it up and put some more in.

And that may be the end of my online presence today as I see a trip to a craft shop in my very near future!


  1. What a great idea...this would be a great organization tool to remember the colors that you paint each room in your house..great idea!

    Shantel @

  2. Great project!!! Have fun playing with your new Bind-It-All!

  3. Wonderful idea! I need to go out and buy paint, I am running low. I rarely use it & some I've had for way too long & its all dried out.

    Popping by from whatever goes wednesday on someday crafts!

  4. This is very clever! I need to make one myself! :D

  5. I so need one of those. Thanks for the idea!


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