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Sunday, January 02, 2011

How my Theme for 2010 Went

A few posts ago I wrote about what I thought my theme for 2010 would mean.  I had intended to get to the post about how that turned out yesterday, but something came up, so here we go . . .

There's just one sentence that comes to mind when I consider 2010 and my theme word.

Looking over what some of my friends have said about 2010 and their themes, I am not the only one.
I lost focus and got off track and did not Simplify as much as I had hoped to!  Although at different times throughout the year I did simplify in different ways and had begun to pull things back into focus towards the end of the year, which led to me giving in and rejoining FlyLady after all these years.  Over the holiday period that has fallen by the wayside and now I have been struck down with a cold but when I get over this I do intend to get back on track with that.

The decluttering?  Well, I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, but there is certainly LESS STUFF around here than there was at the start of the year, and in fact there is a big box of stuff waiting to go to the charity shop, mainly Christmas decorations we no longer need.  I was going to get them to a charity shop in the run up to Christmas, but all that snow prevented it.

And some things which may not be looked at on the surface as simplifying were actually a way for me to bring things down to basics and focus on what really mattered, such as the art journaling.  That too had fallen by the wayside towards the end of the year as I withdrew from pretty much everything and hid from myself and everyone, because I was feeling overwhelmed just by life.

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