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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Blessings, Part 11

Yes, there are more!  Traditional Blessings and Prayers, all together in one place.  When we get to the end I will pop links to each one in the side bar so they can still be accessed easily in the future.

You are blessed, Lord our G-d, the sovereign of the world, who created joy and celebration, bridegroom and bride, rejoicing, jubilation, pleasure and delight, love and brotherhood, peace and friendship. May there soon be heard, Lord our G-d, in the cities of Judea and in the streets of Jerusalem, the sound of joy and the sound of celebration, the voice of a bridegroom and the voice of a bride, the happy shouting of bridegrooms from their weddings and of young men from their feasts of song. You are blessed, Lord, who makes the bridegroom and the bride rejoice together.

Life be in my speech,
Sense in what I say,
The bloom of cherries on my lips,
Till I come back again.
The love Christ Jesus gave
Be filling every heart for me,
The love Christ Jesus gave
Filling me for every one.
Traversing corries, traversing forests,
Traversing valleys long and wild.
The fair white Mary still uphold me,
The Shepherd Jesu be my shield,
The fair white Mary still uphold me,
The Shepherd Jesu be my shield.

May your past be a pleasant memory,
Your future filled with delight and mystery,
Your now a glorious moment,
That fills your life with deep contentment.

May dawn find you awake and alert, approaching your new day with dreams, possibilities, and promises.
May evening find you gracious and fulfilled.
May you go into the night blessed, sheltered, and protected.
May your soul calm, console, and renew you.

Night Blessing
May we rest this night in the stillness of Your Being
O' Radiant Dawn, splendour of eternal light, come and shine on us
O' Emmanuel, G-d with us, we will lie down and You will lie down with us
And the dawn shall come and so will Your appearing
and we shall know as we are known
And in pleasure You will receive us
Call forth this night bearers of Your presence
Call for this night believers in Your Truth
(Gaelic Blessing - Scotland)

Please come back tomorrow, because there are still more . . . . .

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