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Monday, February 28, 2011

Blessings, Part 12

More Traditional Blessings and Prayers.  I know there may be one or two repeats and I apologise for that, but this file is long and it's difficult to keep track.  I trust that any repeats are ones someone particularly needs to read that day:

Morning Blessing
Encircle my soul
In morning stillness
Scatter the shadows of fear
Be at my side in midday bustle
Weave through the knot work of time
Talk to my heart
In teatime chatter
Speak through the discords of life
Lighten the load
of incoming darkness
Glow like a star at midnight.
(Jane M Mackichan)

Friendship Blessing
Beauty of friendship grow between us
without guile
without malice
without striving
Goodness of Friendship grow between us
with light
with wings
with soul sharing
Be the eye of each friend
of my journey
to bless and teach each one.
The eye of the Father be upon us
The eye of the Son be upon us
The eye of the Spirit be upon us
The eye of the Friendly Three
be upon us forever.
(Author unknown)

Christ of the agony
Christ of the bleeding
Christ racked and stretched out on the Tree
I place upon You my own agony
I place upon You my own bleeding heart
I place upon you my own despair.
Take it
Break it
Remake it
Your Tree of Death became the Tree of Life
Give You Blessing of Life to me.
(Western Isles)

Holy Spirit, Wild Goose
Great Spirit,
Wild Goose of the Almighty
Be my eye in the dark places;
Be my flight in the trapped places;
Be my host in the wild places;
Be my brood in the barren places;
Be my formation in the lost places.
Ray Simpson

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