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Friday, March 04, 2011

Blessings, Part 16

Today is the last of the posts sharing Traditional and Biblical Blessings and Prayers:

May the God of Strength be with you, holding you in strong-fingered hands; and may you be the sacrament of God's strength to those whose hands you hold. May the blessing of STRENGTH be with you.
May the God of Gentleness be with you, caressing you with sunlight and rain and wind. May God's tenderness shine through you to warm all who are hurt and lonely. May the blessing of GENTLENESS be with you.
May the God of Mercy be with you, forgiving you, beckoning you, encouraging you to say, "Now I will get up again and go to the house of God." May your readiness to forgive calm the fears and deepen the trust of those who have hurt you. May the blessing of MERCY be on you.
May the God of Wonder be with you, delighting you with thunder and birdsong, sunrise and daisy; enchanting your senses, filling your heart, giving you wide-open eyes for seeing the splendor in the humble and the majestic. And may you open the eyes and hands and the hearts of the blind and the deaf and the insensitive. May the blessing of WONDER be on you.
May the God of Compassion be with you, holding you close when you are weary and hurt and alone -- when there is rain in your heart. And may you be the warm hands and the warm eyes of compassion for your friends when they reach out to you in need. May the blessing of COMPASSION be on you.
May the God of Simplicity be with you, opening you to a clear vision of what is real and true, leading you deeply into the mystery of childhood; and may your dealings with others be marked by the honesty which is simplicity. May the blessing of SIMPLICITY be on you.
May the God of Patience be with you, waiting for you with outstretched arms, letting you find out for yourself. May God's patience with all the young who fall from small heights and the old, who fall from greater heights, be your patience. May the blessing of PATIENCE be on you.
May the God of Peace be with you, stilling the heart that hammers with fear and doubt and confusion, and may your peace, the warm mantle of your peace, cover those who are troubled or anxious. May the blessing of PEACE be on you.
May the God of Love and Friendship be with you, listening to you, telling you loving secrets, drawing you close as you tremble at the edge of self-gift. May God's love in you light fires of faith and hope. May God's fires grow and burn and burst and inflame the earth. May God's love in you glow in your eyes and meet God's love glowing in the eyes of your friends. May the blessing of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP be on you.
May the God of Joy be with you, thrilling you with such nearness, filling your heart to fullness and filling you through to ringing, singing exultation. May the blessing of JOY be on you.
May the Holy God be with us, drawing us ever nearer, speaking to us of unity, true community where distinction of persons is also oneness in being. May the blessings of COMMUNITY arise from within us, radiate around us and remain forever. Amen.

May the Lord bless us in our searching and our questions
They are the gateway to wisdom,
enlightenment and peace,
the way to our hearts.
May the Lord bless us in our gifts:
These are God's providence to the world
to enrich it,
to ennoble it,
to bring it to love.
May the Lord bless us in the yearnings of our hearts:
No matter how subtle,
they are energy urging us forward ,
in our quest for God and for others.
May the Lord bless us in our vision:
No matter the climb
it is a mountain peak
calling us to experience God.
May the Lord bless us in our leadership:
That we may witness to the Word,
Word that is searched and contemplated,
professed and proclaimed.
May the Lord bless us in our decisions:
No matter the mistakes,
they are our 'yes' in life,
our assent to the field
where God is to be found.
May the Lord bless us in our reflections and ideas:
No matter the doubts,
they are seeds seeking nourishment,
sunshine, life-giving water.
May the Lord bless us in all our ways,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen.

I really hope that as you have read these blessings and prayers that you have been blessed.


  1. Found you by chance or by G*ds blessing. Thank you. I am hoping to bless daily all creation, all peoples and all the gifts we have been given.

    I love this work. Thank you!

    Brighton gal

  2. Zoe, I found you by chance, but it was not divine guidance. Right now I have started positive affirmations and blessings and I look for them and repeat them wherever I can. I love your blog and your work. Thankyou


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