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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Details on The Great Craft Room Makeover of 2011

Yesterday I showed you just before and after photos of the new Craft Room.

This had been our eldest son's bedroom.  Now yes, like most teen young men he wasn't too bothered about keeping his room tidy but please don't believe that this is all his mess.  Since he moved away at the end of the summer, hubby has started using the desk in that room whenever he needed to do any work from home, and also if he had anything electrical he needed to repair.

So, the first job was to clear out all the mess and dismantle the furniture that was falling apart.

YES, my son just left home this summer, YES there were still Telly Tubby Hills on his walls, YES the room was well overdue for a re-decoration.  That photo on the left is the Telly Tubby Lake and was under his desk in recent years and where he used to rest his feet while at the desk, hence the dirt on the wall.

So the next job was to prepare for painting.  Those Telly Tubby hills were painted using children's poster paint.  Please don't lecture me about all that is wrong with that and understand instead that I had two young children at the time.  The thing about Poster Paint is that all these years later, except in places it has set through heat (near the radiator) or through pressure (where son leant against the wall often), it was still possible to remove most of it with a sponge and some warm water.

The Sky and sun were painted with proper decorating paint and so ready to be painted over after just cleaning off any dust.

The paint is Colours by B and Q and is called Rice Cake.

Finally we had to wait for the furniture to be delivered.  We went for the Expedit range by IKEA and ordered it online for delivery to our home since the large boxes would never fit in our car!  It worked out cheaper paying for delivery from the online site than going to IKEA, buying it and then paying for the delivery from store, although we would have got it quicker that way.

So first, we had to put it all together.  The desk I did by myself, the shelves I needed a little help with.

So then, I had to fill all the shelves, and believe me that wasn't difficult.  I collected all the craft supplies from under the stairs, all the paper stuff, all the beading stuff, all the sewing stuff.  Then, from the living room I collected more papercraft stuff and all the yarn.

This is the result.

Because this will still be eldest's room when he is at home, I had to leave some space for his clothes and books etc. Check out what is where:

Shelves to the side of the desk

And on the 4 shelves underneath that desk are my sewing machine, lots of blank cards and envelopes, 1 empty shelf and 1 that i will move my craft books to later.

5 by 5 unit

And finally the top of the desk.  That scrapbook kit needs to move but the box is too big for these shelves.

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