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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Art AS Worship?

Well, that's the question, when art happens in a Christian worship meeting, is that art just happening DURING worship or is the doing of that art actually worship itself?  I honestly believe that the act of doing the art CAN BE worship!  Just as it can BE prayer, participating in the making of art CAN BE a means of communicating with God, whether that be worship, thanksgiving, repentance or request.

However, I have not done any kind of art in a worship meeting for a long time and certainly never done it since I began to believe in my ability to do art.

All that changed this week.  Easter Sunday 2011.

Late on Saturday evening I spotted an email from one of our church leaders, who had requested that people bring the tools of their creativity to church on Sunday to be part of the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  So, off I went and packed a bag of art materials.  I pulled a page out of a book on birds of prey, that I have been wanting to use for ages, my art journal, some paints, some stamps and ink pads, glue, scissors and pens.  And Sunday morning off we went.

We were a bit thin on the ground this year for Easter Sunday, a lot of people were away visiting family, and it soon became apparent that I was the only one who had brought stuff to use during the meeting.  However I am used to being a bit different and went ahead.  WOW, is all I can say about the experience, it truly was participating in worship, just WOW!

The rubiks cube has nothing to do with the art.  My son put it down in order to take the photograph of me at work.

Psalm 91:3
He will cover you with His feathers and under his wings you will find protection.


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  2. Great and interesting post!

  3. Anonymous4:31 am

    did u ever find out what your leader had planned for all of you to do with your tools during the service?

  4. Pretty much what I did, just more people with a variety of different styles etc.

  5. Very nice artwork! Love it when worship leaders step out of the box and try something different -- glad it struck a chord with you.

  6. Love the idea of art AS worship! As an artist and creative person myself, I feel like I'm doing exactly what God created me for when I create art. I believe the talent was given by Him and that I'm acting in the image of my Creator when I create for Him. Such a beautiful thing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love this comment, Mandy, because I feel exactly the same way!!

  7. I love the idea of art as worship. I do pencil sketches during the sermon. My mind is listening and my hands are busy. I remember so much more that way. What you are doing looks like so much more.

  8. I most definitely think of art as a way to worship, especially if that's one of the gifts/talents God's particularly given you. Thanks for sharing at Shine on Fridays!

  9. Beautiful artwork! I am a painter too and have been very recently exploring glorifying God in my work. This inspires me! Thank you for sharing.


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