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Monday, April 04, 2011


Finally, at last, the craft room is COMPLETE.
I may have claimed that before but now it really is!

The curtains have been changed and the last of the craft supplies have come upstairs.

The old curtains were longer than the top of the desk, and since they run the full width of the room, any time I pulled the curtains back to work in daylight I would lose the right hand side of my working area to pools of fabric sitting there.

Now I have THESE beauties!

Because of the width of the curtain track I need to join two panels of fabric for each curtain.  And because it is a patterned fabric I had to try and match up the pattern.  I didn't get it perfect, but I think I did a pretty awesome job of that.

I hand finished the mitred corners on the back and have pretty much the best set of curtains I ever made!

And this is what they look like pulled back

Finally I brought up the hangers of assorted bits and pieces.  All but one of these was full of stuff, embellishments, small bits of fabric, fancy threads, ribbons, etc.  The ribbons all went into the ribbons storage box, any papers went into the right boxes for those and one or two items were thrown out.  That means there are quite a few empty pockets.  So I decided it would be a good place to store my sewing threads and moved them out of the sewing box giving that a good clean out while I was at it.

Over in the corner is the ironing board and iron, because I use it a lot when I am sewing.  Hmmm, anyone think I need to add "make an ironing board cover" to my project list?

Lining that pattern up on the curtains meant I was left with more leftover fabric than usual, but I will be using that to make shopping bags. I have also salvaged the fabric from the old curtains. I have cut the heading tape off, will give them a run through the washing machine and then also make that fabric into shopping bags.
I will be selling those to raise funds for my upcoming mission trip to Romania, where I will be teaching the sewing class at a gypsy community some projects for them to sell in their local market.

So if anyone fancies a shopping bag from either of these fabrics, please let me know.


  1. Congrats on getting the perfect craft room up and running. Your draperies are beautiful...loving the fabric.

    Thanks for stopping by. Your Mexican Friday date night at home is a very fun idea. Enjoy this yummy cake together!

  2. Beautiful curtains Zoe!


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