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Monday, April 18, 2011

My Alter Ego

I've been working through some creativity prompts that I found online.  The very first day, one of the prompts was to work on your alter ego, whether that be to draw her, paint her, or dress up as her. 

Here she is!  In my art journal.

My alter ego is not afraid to try new things.  She travels to far off places.  She trusts easily yet is not naive.  She lives for today.  She enjoys good food but maintains her health through portion control and exercise.  She is feminine yet powerful.  She carries such a sense of who she is and the God that she serves, that draws people in.

She is bright, colourful and knows how to express joy.

The dress is one I printed off.  It is by Desigual and I absolutely ADORE IT!  Wish I could have a dress like that, and hopefully one day I will!

I drew the head and neck using pencils.  I used the Crayola multicultural set, which is 8 colours of varying skin tones.  The background is two colours of acrylic scraped on, and then random stamping with a lilac versacolour and a silver versacolour.  The writing is in DoCrafts glitter pens and Kuretake metallic calligraphy pens, plus a Kuretake fineliner in black.

I want to be my alter ego!


  1. I think you ARE your alter ego alre\dy *S*


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