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Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Things Check in

It's been a while since I've done a Check in on my theme for 2011 of NEW things!

In my last post on the topic I hinted at a new shower cubicle!  Oh yes, hubby has finished that job.

There used to be a gaping hole there where we had had to punch through in a previous plumbing emergency.  Hubby pulled all the old tile and water softened (from the plumbing emergency) board out, put a new piece of aqua panel in and tiled over the top.  And now we are able to shower again!  Yay!

Another new thing is my sewing machine.  Hubby decided to buy me the machine that I had my heart set on, after we received a small sum of money in an inheritance.  I knew I wanted a Singer, but had my heart set on the heavy duty model.  The heavy duty models kind of fill the gap between their standard home use models and their industrial models.  For the way I sew, I knew this was ideal.  This machine will stand up to a lot of use.  I don't tend to sew that often but when I do sew I tend to do an awful lot over a few days, using the machine almost constantly during that time.  I knew this model would stand up to that kind of use.

Singer 4423 Heavy Duty.  I have no affiliation with Singer in any way I just love this machine.

Here's what happened when I got it out of the box.

I am still working on keeping up with my thankfulness journal. I might not write in it every day or even make a weekly thankfulness blog post but bit by bit I am working on that.

I am still moving forward with plans for a trip to Romania in the summer and may have some dates to share with you next week.

We have begun our garden for 2011 and I may post an update to my previous post tomorrow, showing you any growth in the various plants.

Finally I have a number of new books to read.  A couple of titles on prayer, a book called Chazown which is about finding your God given vision and defining it, a book about the Jewishness of Jesus and lastly the new Max Lucado book, watch out for a review on that next week.

Sooo, did you have a theme for this year?  How are you doing with that?  Is it going well?  Are you able to make sense of it or are you wondering what on earth is going on and how your current circumstances could possibly fit with that theme?

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