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Thursday, June 09, 2011

oh WOW, buttons

Last Sunday one of my team of kids workers brought in a big box of craft materials for us to use with the 5 - 11's over the summer.  With it she brought a button box!  I didn't know it was a button box, so I opened it up to have a peek.  As soon as I saw what was inside I asked her if I could have it and wonderfully she said yes.

There's going to be some work involved in getting them all cleaned up as there is a lot of dust in there.  But first I wanted to sort through them.

I tipped them all out onto a tray.

And began to sort through them.  These are some of my favourites, although I have done more sorting since I took these photos.


Those buckles are tiny and so cute!

I've been researching how to clean them and so far I have discovered that the best way to start is with a dry cloth and to only move on to other methods if really necessary and that the other methods vary depending on what the button is made of.  So, I will be doing that later today.

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