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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sourdough Starter Part 2 - Success!

Great news, I now have a successful colony of aliens growing in my kitchen.  Well, not really aliens, since it's all natural wild yeasts and bacteria.  If you want to check out progress so far and links to where I got the instructions from check out the Sourdough starter post with a video in it.

Thursday evening things were not looking good, it appeared that nothing much was happening.  I was sure we should be up to doubling by now.  We were getting bubbles but no particular increase in volume.  Thursday evening I rested the starter, instead of feeding it, I jsut gave it a stir and decided that if nothing had happened by Friday morning I would give up and start again.

Sure enough Friday morning it was pretty much the same, but I decided to hang in there and feed it again.  I also decided to warm things up just slightly as our kitchen is not all that warm at the moment.  I zapped a hot wheat bag for just 30 seconds in the microwave and put it near the jar on the counter.  Not particularly warm, but just a little.  I did that, I think, 3 times during the day and by the evening we had growth!

It had grown from the line on the left to the level you see here.  Not bad, the best growth so far!

So, Friday evening I fed it again, I zapped the wheat bag for just 30 seconds, and left it near the jar, just once, and headed off to bed. 

This morning, well, WOW!

Look at that!  DOUBLED!  Awesome!  I have fed it again this morning, but have not put a wheat bag round it since the jar is sitting on the counter above the washing machine and that is going to be on most of the morning, generating at least a bit of heat.

Apparently, according to Gnowfglins, I need to keep feeding it every 12 hours for 3 weeks, before I can start storing it in the fridge and only feeding it  when I intend to use it.  But I CAN begin to use the starter that I pull off at each feeding.  I shall start with the sourdough pancakes recipe in the free sample of the e-book, and then pay for the e-course and move onto other recipes.  Check back later in the week for a report on those pancakes.  In the meantime, I need to go put that starter that I pulled off before today's feed, on the compost heap!

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  1. My mom kept starter for years...its been something I've been wanting to do for awhile now! Thanks for sharing your recipe at the Tuesday To Do Party!


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