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Friday, October 07, 2011

Eden Tree - Part 2

The tree is finished.  I know I said I would get it finished yesterday but I had a weird day yesterday with dizziness from when I got up until lunchtime, so I left it for today.

No idea what I am talking about?  On Wednesday I began making a tree out of foam board to represent the tree in the garden of Eden for a bible Stories school assembly team I am leading.  You can read about how I made the pieces here.

Today it was time to put it all together.  First of all I took the two pieces of the trunk and laid them side by side and used a piece of duct tape to stick them together along the gap.

You can see that now I can angle the two pieces and it will stand up all by itself.  Fantastic.

Next I held the flat bottom of the tree to the top of the trunk and marked where I wanted it to sit.  If you are making your own you will want to do it further back than this, more on that later.

Then I cut a piece out of each foam board trunk.  I did this at an angle, not straight through although I don't think you can tell from the photo.

Finally I cut matching slots in the bottom of the treetop piece and fitted them together.

This is where I realised I had cut the slots too near the front of the trunk and the whole thing wants to overbalance forwards and fall over!  Oooops!  I'm not sure if I will try and cut a new set of slots further back and use the pieces from that to patch the holes, or if I will simply place something under the front of the trunk as you can see I have done here.  That balances it fine.

When it's time to go to school for the assembly it will be easy to carry, it will go together in seconds and be ready to carry home in seconds too.

The week after that we need a Noah's ark made out of one sheet of the same foam board.  Any volunteers? I think that might be beyond my rough and ready painting style.

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  1. What a great undertaking and you are doing a fabulous job. I've done the sets for school plays before and it is no small task. I commend you and you're doing a great job!


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