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Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Shepherds in Colour

You may remember this picture from a few posts ago:

There was some question over whether I should colour them in or leave them as they were.

Then a week went by and this happened:

Can you see that?  Yes, a child took a crayon to the wall.  I spoke to a couple of people and it was one of our young adults who gave the most insight.  He said if you were a child, with access to crayons and you saw an almost life size colouring page, what would you do?  I concluded that he was right, and set about colouring them in over a few sessions.  We do keep crayons in that corner for the children to use during the service, but most of them were broken, so we have temporarily removed them and all colouring pages.  I will buy a new set of crayons for the children that use that corner in the new year.

I pulled the box of kids paints back out and began mixing colours to suit what I wanted.  I quickly learnt that some brands of children's paints are better than others and know which ones to buy when we come to need more.

Finally though, the corner was finished.  We have now pushed the tables up against the wall beneath the picture as the children kept standing up against it yesterday and we don't want the paper to come down.

You can find the sites I link up to over in the side bar!  Have a blessed week, and if you don't come back before Christmas, I hope it's a good one!

Edited on 14th December to add:
One final photo that I grabbed last night.  From the outside at night, with the lights on inside you can see the window shepherds just as clearly.

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