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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Life Book Lesson 2

 Just a quick shout out to any of my readers who are doing Life Book over on Willowing.ning

If you are struggling with this lesson, don't panic.  If you are struggling with the whole idea of representing yourself as a goddess because your own beliefs differ from that, don't panic.  I too find myself in that position.  I am still going to go ahead and complete the page.  I picked up on one phrase bonnie used in the video, she was still talking about Goddesses, but ones to represent different parts of your character and she said "Feelings and logic".  I can represent the part of me that is more feelings orientated and the part of me that works well with logic, without my page having a single thing to do with goddesses. And yes, I am still going to focus on the fact that there is good in both parts of my personality, because there are good and bad in both, just like Bonnie said.

I am sure you can find two aspects of your personality that while they appear to be opposing can both have a positive influence on your life, when used right.  Focus on those, and keep going, you CAN DO THIS and you can learn more about yourself through it without ever compromising your own beliefs.

Now, onto the other part that is stretching me with this class.  FIGURES!  Oh Lord, I did my first 3/4 portrait for the 1st class, my first ever canvas mixed media piece this week apart from Life Book and now I am doing my first ever figure since rediscovering my artistic side.

I decided to look online for pictures that might represent those two aspects of my personality and work from those.  Here is my practice at copying a figure for Feelings.

Of course this particular image is also going to mean my ever face in profile, arrgghhhh!

Maybe you can find an image, look at the instructions in the pdf and draw over that image, with the stick figure that bonnie shows us in the pdf, so you can see where each part is on the photo you have in front of you.  Whatever you do, don't give up!  I know I won't!

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