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Friday, January 13, 2012

This Week in the Craft Room

Quick update on what is happening in the craft room this week:

Painting - I'm working on my first canvas, a chunky canvas I picked up for less than £1, which I collaged with some scrapbook papers, and then painted over with various layers.  She's not finished yet.  I need to do the face and finish the clothes. I'm thinking about doing a crackle paint finish over the background at the bottom.

Art journaling - Worked a couple of pages this week.  One that recorded the words a friend spoke over me during prayer time at church and one that I started intending it to be that other one, but that morphed into something else as I worked.  Ho hum, that's the thing with art journaling, sometimes you discover as you work that this page wants to be something else.

Writing - I am currently working through "The Creative Call" by Janice Elsheimer, a Christian response to "The Artists Way".  Reading, writing, etc.  The current creative writing piece that I am working on is "Jochobed's Story".  The story of Moses birth and early years seen from his mothers point of view.  I'm working on it a little at a time and struggling with some of the background details.  I know Moses was 80 at the time of the Exodus, but how old would he have been when he left Midian and returned to Egypt?  Would that have been just months before the Exodus, or could it have been a few years.    It makes a difference to where and when I set the telling of the story.

I think it is reasonable to expect Jochobed MAY have had her first child as young as 14 or 15, women were married and mothers much younger back then.  If we assume that that first child was Miriam, and that Miriam was around 7 or so when Moses was hidden in the bulrushes along the river, then Jochobed could have been as young as her early to mid twenties when she had Moses.  80 years later would make her over 100.  Is it reasonable to assume she would still be alive at the time of the Exodus?  I know in the early parts of the Bible people lived much much much longer, but Moses himself lived to be 120, so????  In my mind it probably would be stretching it TOO far to have her still alive and telling the story then, which is why I am wondering how much earlier Moses came home.  If it was a few years, even just 3 or 4, then it would be feasible to set the telling of the story as one of the final things she does, telling the story to other relatives after Moses return.  Ho hum, thinks thinks thinks.

Other Crafty Pursuits - Hubby and I have just started a leadership course at church.  We were given the notes for the course as loose sheets, with the suggesting of putting them into a folder.  We don't have desks to lean on during this course, just have our notes in our laps, and I don't know about you, but I can't be doing with a whole folder open on my lap and a bible and a pen!

So I decided to get my Bind it All out and put something together with that.  I have some 2mm thick board, that I could use as the back, which would make it plenty sturdy enough to write on.  That way I could fold the pages I have already done around to the back and still be able to access the pages I needed, with just one A4 space on my lap.  I wanted to use some patterned thin card for the front but I discovered the patterned card wasn't quite A4, which all the papers are, oh dear!

Can you see that strip of pink at the top, yes, the patterned card is 5mm too short.  I grabbed some plain card, and trimmed the patterned card down so that it was 5mm too short on all 4 sides, and stuck it down using my ATG gun.

Once that was done I headed to my Bind it All.  Oooops, not concentrating and this happened:

It's supposed to look like this:

Don't panic, I found a way to still use this card.  We'll come back to that later.

I added in a couple of blank sheets of paper after each weeks notes since we are also supposed to journal our experiences on the course and this means I can keep those notes in there. Then I punched all the pages and the backing board then pushed the O wires through the holes and squished it up in the Bind it All.  For some reason I can't get my O wires to squish to circles, they always seem to go like this, with a kind of point in the middle, I wonder what I am doing wrong.

Now back to that badly punched bit.  I was so glad I decided not to decorate the front until after I bound it, because I was able to switch that round to the upper right corner, and cover it up like this:

Girly enough to be me, but not SO girly and pink that all the guys on the course (over twice as many guys as ladies), give me weird looks.

Oh and BTW, does anyone think it has been far too long since I emptied out the chamber on my Bind it All?

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  1. I love your first canvas. What a great way to use scrapbook papers! Great job and thanks for sharing (all the way from the USA!).

    1. Thank You Ann, I've seen a lot of mixed media artists use papers on their pieces and wanted to have a go. I figured since the canvas was so cheap to start with I wouldn't lose anything if it went wrong.

  2. LOVELY PHOTO - I am a mixed media artist too and love to visit fellow artists. Found you via the blog hop and would love it if you stopped by

    thanks and have a great week


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