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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life Book Week 5

Hello to any other Life Bookers reading this.  Hope you are more caught up than I am!  

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Life Book is a 12 month art journaling course being run at Willowing.ning
Each month there are 2 (or 3 on the months with 5 Mondays) main lessons, with videos etc, and on the in between weeks there are other activities, such as interviews with artists or lessons in just a pdf format.  Monday of this week, the stuff for week 7 was published and in 2 days the stuff for week 8 will be published.

And here I am having only completed week 5 yesterday, ooops!  I had really good intentions at the start of this year about not getting behind and so on, but this obviously was not to be.  Oh well, I shall keep on keeping on and not beat myself up for it, otherwise I won't get anything done.

This week the art part of the lesson was about doing a transfer using matt medium and a laser printed photo of yourself.  You then draw over the transferred image.  I chose to use pencil rather than the pen suggested as my only black biros were giving very thick very black lines that made too much of a mark.

My transfer went OK although there were a couple of spots on the chin and the one cheek where it clearly didn't "take" as well.

The hair and body weren't meant to be realistic they were meant to be much more whimsical in style and that suited me, since I'm still learning a lot with drawing and certainly not confident with figures.

Now onto the other part of the lesson.  If you have read my previous Life Book posts you will know that there is often a spiritual aspect to them that some Christians might find difficult to work with.  For instance, one lesson suggested we draw ourselves as actual goddesses from any belief system while others talk of our goddess superpowers and talk of us as goddesses.  I have worked with those lessons, adapting them to come up with a page that I feel does not outstep the boundaries that I feel comfortable with as a Christian.

This lesson was no different. The list of "Goddess Superpowers" provided in the lesson was merely a list of positive qualities.  In order to incorporate the girly, part of the lesson, including a crown etc I knew it would be easy to work this as a a Princess picture, after all as female Christians we are daughters of THE King!

Hence, my list begins with "Princesses are:".  I had fun writing my list and still chose words that I felt were appropriate to me.  As I worked through the alphabet I struggled with certain letters, I wonder if you can tell which ones, and did cheat the second time I got to X, and chose a word that is properly spelt beginning with ex.

Finally I cut a crown out of a sheet of scrapbooking paper and printed out a banner for the bottom which I mounted on more scrapbooking paper before attaching to the page.

You can check our more of my art journal pages at the bottom of my craft index page.  All other craft projects appear there too.

If your creativity lies more in the kitchen than a craft room, why now check out my recipes page.


  1. I love how creative this is.

  2. This is great! so creative

    Thanks for linking up to Serenity Saturday Link Party

    Natasha xx

  3. This is really beautiful! I really like the colors you used. I've really enjoyed my visit to your blog today.


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