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Monday, March 26, 2012

Craft Show Goodies

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Over the last few days I have shared some of the things that I made in workshops at the big Craft Show at the NEC in Birmingham (England).  Today, I want to share with you the goodies I bought and one of the lectures I went to, that I didn't manage to get photos of.

First, the goodies.  I picked up 4 Distress Inks as you can see above.  Normally up to £4.50 each, a lot of stalls had them on 3 for £10, but two stalls also had them on 4 for £12, so I decided to go the extra £2 and get the 4.  I know the Aged Mahogany doesn't look like it goes with the blue and green, but it does go with the other colours I already had.  I knew this because I took my paint colours book with me.

From the Pebeo stand I picked up modelling paste, 3 paint brushes and gold flakes.

The brushes were 99p each or 3 for £2.  Yes, I know I got 2 the same size, I did that deliberately because I never have enough really fine brushes.
The modelling paste is twice the amount you get from Golden, at more or less the same price.  It doesn't hold the colour of the paint (if you mix paste and paint together) as well as the Golden one does but this is the first time I've ever bought any, so it will do just fine, while I am learning and playing.
I didn't know at this point that lots of stalls had flakes in different pots and this might not have been the best deal on them, but still, I shall have fun with them.

From the WOW Embossing powders stand I picked up some clear semi dull powder, an embossing pen, a background stamp set and a mould for making shapes from melted embossing powder.

The mould I shall have to find time to play with, they are very new to the embossing market.  I am so glad I finally got a clear embossing pen.  I do still want a calligraphy one though, and WOW didn't have those.  I got the semi dull clear to use in my art journal, when I want to stamp in colours that won't dry over the top of acrylic paint.  I was going to buy the matt, but the lady who led the workshop I did on that stall said she prefers the semi dull, so I figured I could give it a go.

I met Crafty Bob, won a free bone folder and a shopping bag and got my photo taken with Bob which I will be able to download from their website next week.

I picked up an awesome wood mounted rubber stamp of the stretch of Welsh coastline that is directly across from us.  If we head into Wales and head for our nearest beach, it is right at the top of this stamp, Barmouth.  So I had to get it.  Especially as it was only £2 for quite a large stamp.

Finally, I picked up a machine embroidery flower kit from one stall and some variegated threads from another.

The kit was £10 and the threads were 3 for £8.  They are the Gutterman ones, not the Madeira ones, which are a bit more expensive.  If you are interested in the code numbers for each of these colours, here you go, you should be able to read the numbers on the top of each spool:

Finally, just before leaving I picked up an A5 plastic storage box for keeping the gold flakes in.

Before I empty the flakes into it I need to get some tumble dryer sheets and wipe it all over to prevent some of the static cling that happens with the flakes.  I know it looks like a big box for that tub of flakes, but it enables you to keep them contained and put a sticky item into them, rather than having to try and get them onto a sticky thing and get flakes everywhere.

Finally, let me tell you about the lecture I went to.  About how to make a vintage sun dress from a circle skirt and a bodice made from a pattern which you make by wrapping yourself in cling film!  Fun fun fun, and I shall have to try it!

You can check out the sites I link up to over in my sidebar. Before you go, why not check out my recipes index page, or my craft projects index page, I am sure you will find something there to interest you.

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