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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fimo Bear

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Oh what fun I had at the Craft show at the NEC in Birmingham (England).  If you haven't checked out the other things I made in workshops, please visit the acrylic canvas post or the one about machine embroidered flowers.

I did a workshop for making a Fimo Bear.
This was the only workshop which I had to pay for and it was just £2 for the cost of the Fimo.

I don't have photos from the making process.  But basically, you break off half a block of Fimo and condition it.  Split that into two halves and shape them into balls.  If one is slightly bigger, make that the body, otherwise don't worry.  Condition a small piece of white Fimo and break off a small ball.  Squish this flat and then press onto the front of the body for the tummy.  Place the body down on the table and take a cocktail stick.  Break about 1/3 of the cocktail stick off and throw it away.  Using the remaining 2/3, push it into the centre of the ball you have chosen as the body, then push the ball for the head onto that.

Then condition the other half of the block of Fimo and roll it into a rope.  using a blade, cut the end of the rope so it has a nice flat end, and then cut two pieces about 2cm long.  Push these into the bottom of the body at a slight angle, then use small pieces of the white Fimo to make the feet pads and toes.

Cut another two pieces from the rope you made earlier, slightly longer than the first two pieces.  Round one end of each piece and roll the other to a slight point.The point will be where the arm attaches to the body.  You place this at the shoulder/neck line, slightly behind the head, and position them to your liking.

Bake at 110 C for 30 minutes.  It will still be slightly soft when it comes out of the oven but will harden as it cools.

When cool, mark the mouth and eyes with permanent marker.  Because I chose a dark Fimo (the dark blue with sparkles from the EFFECTS range), I have to use a white paint pen.

Hmm, the paint pen ran a little bit so the eyes are odd shapes, but I like him.

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  1. Love the bear! What a great job!

  2. He's wonderful, he's so well made!


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