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Monday, April 02, 2012

Continuing with Life Book

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Yes, I'm behind on Life Book.  WAY BEHIND.  The lesson that was released on Monday was week 12 and I only just this week got around to working on my page for week 6.  Ho hum!  I enjoyed this page.  It was a painting worked over collage, with the aim of celebrating your achievements.

If you've read any of my previous Life Book posts you will know that sometimes lessons have content that is less than ideal from my viewpoint as a Christian, and I have had to change some of them a bit.  That was not the case here.  OK, I used a bible verse instead of a quote and some of the things I was celebrating were different things than someone not of the Christian faith might celebrate, but that was it really.

First I worked the collage, using matt gel medium as the glue and a brayer and a credit card (old bus pass actually) to make sure everything was adhered well.  Then I found a face from a magazine, cut that out and glued it down, along with a piece of paper to represent her dress.

Then it was time to paint over her lovely face.

Between the photo above and the one below I managed to lose some of the definition in her jaw line as I was adding shading, and she ended up with a fuller face.

Next came some layers of brayering of paint.  I think this is where my clolour scheme started to go a little awry.

I also added the circle around her head, just like Tam did.  Mine has a defined edge, because when I drew the first one it matched where I wanted it to sit on the one side but just missed it on the other.  So I started another line from that point, intending to even the circle out, but then figured actually, I could have two lines, just apart from each other.  I also added a trim around her neckline, the gold chain and cross, and a patch pocket as well as the hand.

That was the base more or less done.  I just needed to add the owl in the bottom corner and the text and it was finished.  the small text running around the picture in various places and directions is some of the achievements I was celebrating and the bible verse speaks for itself.  I don't always use crowns when the class teachers say to, but how could I resist with this bible verse?  So I cut that out, rubbed a little gold paint around the edge and stuck it on.

I like the way the writing in two directions gives even more definition to that edge on the circle.

I'll be sharing another life book page later in the week,  Yes, I did a page for week 7, even though there wasn't an official lesson.  And hopefully I'll get some more pages done this week and will be able to share those too, next week.  I am SO looking forward to the lesson from week 8, it's MYSTELE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Zoe, I REALLY like this! Good job!

  2. I really got inspired by this! Life book! Whata wonderful consept!


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