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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Enjoy Life - There's Always an Adventure

At the beginning of this year I posted about my theme for the year, being 2012, the Year to ENJOY.
later I posted about how I was getting on with it having morphed into Enjoy the Adventure.  I figured it was time for a recap.

Well, the Leadership Course is still an adventure.  I am actually ENJOYING it, something I didn't think possible at the beginning of the year.  There was some good teaching at the last session, from both the people with that role and I got to share for "Focus on the heavenlies" which is where you get to choose a nation as a focus for prayer, tell people a bit about that nation and then organise people to pray.  I chose Haiti and shared about a friend of a friend who works there.

Art wise I am way behind on the Life Book Course but really enjoying it when I get the chance.  In fact, this last page that I did, there were moments when I was so enjoying the process I was literally bouncing in my chair and giggling to myself.

I am also considering another art type course that begins at the end of this month.  It is much less about learning art skills and more about co-operating with the holy Spirit in art.  Which is what is missing for me in Life Book.

My only concern is keeping up with both courses since I am already behind on life book.  Hmmmmmm.

We've had a couple of enjoyable fun weekends, including a day out in Kingston Upon Thames where we got to watch the boat races that we had no idea were going to be on that day.

I got to use our car for 3 weeks, while hubby was using a company car for work because of needing to be on different sites.  I really enjoyed having the car and will now have to get used to being back on the buses again, :-(

I've been having lots of fun enjoying baking and blogging about those adventures.  However that adventure led to the inevitable consequence of now needing to go back on the diet and exercise adventure.  Oh well.

I still don't know what will be happening with the MAYBE adventure, and am still hoping for it to come off.  I can't talk about it until I know and even then won't be able to share any more than "it is happening".

And so, here we are, at Easter and I need to make a concious effort to Enjoy it in ways I haven't before.  hmmmmm, any thoughts?

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  1. Hah, I know what you mean about baking and needing to exercise more! And I do so love baking... :)


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