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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Thankful Art Page

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Back to Life Book.  Week 7 did not have a video lesson.  I might still work on the bonus activity from Connie, but I did want to do an art page for the bonus activity from Tam all about being grateful.

I started by scribbling over the page, some of the things I am thankful for.  Yes, I know I missed one or two of the current W@H girls where I list those, I am sorry, my brain froze!

Then I grabbed some paints.  I grabbed colours in the red brown and into the orangey brown range.  Someone how when I had done a few layers of brayered paint I got a real sense of some green in there.  More olivey shades of greed.  So I pulled out my Inktense blocks and got to work adding a bit of green and one or two other colours.

I pushed some of the intense colour back with some gesso and then used stencils for the leaf shapes, since I was getting a whole autumn feeling from the colour scheme.

Finally I worked out which way around the page needed to be and added the larger lettering which was my first proper attempt at writing with a brush.  I'm not too impressed with it and at this point I really felt I had a ruined page on my hands.  I grabbed a pack of leaf stickers I have had for years and put a few of thsoe on.  Then I decided to write around the edge with a white gel pen, some of the things that were on the original layer.  I feel like that line of tiny writing around the edge saved the page.  It's still not one of my favourite ever pages, BUT I can certainly live with it.

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  1. That's soo beautiful! :) LOVE it!

  2. You did a nice job! Thanks for sharing your talents with us here.


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