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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Trying out Celebrity Hair Styles

My last post showed you how to edit a photo to prepare it for use in one of the online sites that allow you to try different hair styles on.  This post will show you how to use what I consider to be the best of those sites,

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I decided not to crop mine down any further and was glad I didn't as some of the hair styles take up more space than you might think.

Once your photo is loaded you will be resented with a series of screens to mark points on your photo.

You will do the same with the other eye, the tip of your nose and chin and the corners of your mouth.

Then you mark the eye more clearly, by clicking and dragging on any of the small blue circles to adjust the shape so that it covers just the visible part of your eyeball.



You go through a similar process to mark the position and shape or your pupil and iris.



You go through the same process to mark where your eyebrows sit.

And finally a series of processes to mark where your mouth is and whether you have teeth showing.

Finally you will be ready to try on different styles.

I chose Extra Short and then the Ginnifer Goodwin style, because I love her hair.  You can see however, that it doesn't quite fit the shape of my face.  This next part is what makes this virtual makeover the best I have found.  You can adjust the size and shape, section by section to make it fit your face.  Most only allow you to adjust position and overall size.

You can change the colour of the hair.

And finally you can save your makeover either to your computer or to a folder in your account on Taaz.  If you think you might want to come back to a makeover and work on it some more, make sure to save it to Taaz, even if you save a copy to your computer.

Check out the next post and you will see a number of different styles I checked out to see which one I will go for on Saturday!  PLEASE check out that post and tell me which styles you like on me. This is a big deal, my hair is mega long right now.  Going short will be a big change.

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  1. How fun! Can't wait to try it!

  2. Never heard of this site ... GREAT way to decide if I really want to be daring and go short. Thanks for posting!

  3. I'm getting my hair cut soon, at the mo it's very long and i want something shorter but scared that it wont suit me, so thanks for this, going to give it a try out later!

    Thanks for sharing on Serenity Saturday xxx


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