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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

100 miles in 100 days

Last week I started walking again.  Now I don't mean I had been off my feet or injured or anything like that, just I had had a few months where I had not been walking for exercise.  All that changed last week because I had signed up for the UK Race For Life in aid of Cancer Research UK.

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As I was preparing I began a few shorter walks last week.  A friend of mine who has been running for the last couple of years posted sometime last week that she had run 2 miles that morning and that meant 2 down 98 to go for the 100 miles in 100 days challenge she was setting herself.  So I wondered and I pondered and I decided to go for it.  This summer I shall be walking 100 miles in 100 days.

because our summer is different than for my American friends, I am counting my start date as my first practise walk on Monday last week.  That means day 100 will be Tuesday 28th August which is the day my 17 year old goes back to college (6th form, not university for my American friends).

I am logging my walks at MapMyRun using their app for android phones.  As long as I am not somewhere ridiculously out of sight of the satellites it uses for gps I just go into the app, set it to start recording and it records where I walk and how long it takes until I tell it to stop.  Brilliant!

Ignore the fact it has last Monday marked as a run, I hadn't worked out how to set the app to record a walk.

So, you can see, I'm on day 9 at the time of writing this post and my total so far is 9.91 miles, or almost a day ahead of myself.

You can see the longest walk was Sunday and that was the 5km of race for life.  It was a very warm day but an awesome one!  I finished in 1 hour and 3 minutes, a pace of just over 20 minutes per mile.  I was very pleased with that, especially for such a warm day.

Come back soon for more posts on my walks.

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