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Monday, May 28, 2012

Bible Story Props - 10 Coins

I haven't shared many bible story props recently, because the stories we have been doing have had us reusing previous props, so we haven't needed new ones.  The last couple of weeks HAVE needed a couple of small, easy props, so here you go . . . .

We had to cover the story of the woman with the lost coin.  We needed coins that would be able to be seen from the back of the school hall but that wouldn't be too huge.  Also, in the story text we use it mentions different types of coins, large ones, small ones, thick ones, thin ones and even dented ones.  I wanted to make sure all of those were included.

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I had some chipboard that I had kept from the back of notepads, and pads of watercolour paper and so on.

I cut the various sized circles out of that, using a circle cutter to mark the circle first, then a craft knife to deepen the cut and go all the way through.

For the thick coin, I used two pieces of chipboard and a piece of foam board and sandwiched them together, gluing well.  For the dented coin, I just cut a chunk out of the side of the circle.  All of the coins were then painted with metallic paint and decorated with a black marker pen.  Then went down well and were easily visible from the back of the school hall of over 300 children.

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