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Thursday, May 03, 2012


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Just a quick art journal page for today's post.  There's a piece I want to do based on something I wrote a few years ago.  I have always said that that piece of writing felt unfinished, and I think I now know why.

There wasn't more to write but there was more to come.  I need to get it down on paper in art.  And seriously I have no artistic training, so the idea of representing these beads, bubbles, whatever they are visually freaked me out.  So rather than make my first attempt the finished piece, I figured I would just practise in my art journal.

First of all I painted the bubbles using Neoclor II watercolour crayons.

I like the middle one and the one at the bottom left the best.  After drying them I got out my masking fluid and masked off the bubbles.  To save ruining a brush with the masking fluid I applied it with a cotton bud.

I used more Neocolor IIs for the background and finally peeled off the masking fluid.  Sadly the masking fluid did bring some of the colour up off the bubbles.

I definitely prefer them before the masking fluid, so I'll have to find another way of doing that background.  Maybe I'll mask the circles, do the background, remove the masking fluid and then fill in the bubbles.  Now I need to practise the positioning and size of the bubbles to make them look like beads on a necklace.

Then there's the really scary part for me, trying to represent those picture that were in the piece of writing inside some of the bubbles.

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