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Friday, October 12, 2012

Kids Worship

This is my day twelve post for the "31 days of blogging in October" challenge.  I am blogging 31 days of Children's Ministry.  To find links to all the other days (as they get posted) go to DAY 1.

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Last Sunday I experienced a bit of a blast from the past.  Along with my husband and our youngest son we attended the Christening of a young family member of our extended family. The church the christening was held at was a traditional C of E church.  They have 3 services every week, a full sung service, a said service and a family service.  The Christening was held during the family service.

This vicar was amazing, he did EVERYTHING HIMSELF.  He set up the projector, laptop and screen, as well as the microphone in the few minutes between the two services.  He worked the laptop himself, and he worked the PA himself, having to disappear behind a screen every so often to do so.

So, you can imagine, not having a band, children's worship might be difficult.  NOPE, Duggie Dug Dug to the rescue!  This vicar has every single one of the Duggie Karaoke videos on his laptop.

These are songs we used with the children in our church about 5 years ago, hence the blast from the past, but they are still valid and so much fun, particularly with the very young children.  Heck, I'm over 40 and I still find them fun.  Certain non church going relatives were amused by the fact that I knew all the words and danced around to the songs.  If they thought me bopping around in my seat was amusing I dread to think what they would make of me full on dancing at our church.  Maybe one day we'll have to invite them over.
Sadly I can't find any videos of the actual karaoke backgrounds online to share with you, so you will have to make do with these alternatives.  These are two of the songs we sang at the Christening.

And, although we didn't sing it at the Christening of course I have to share a favourite of my American friends, "Is there a plank in your eye?"  Unfortunately I can't find a video version of that song, so you will have to cope with just an audio sample.

With the group of children I teach in Sunday's Cool we tend more towards videos with actions shown rather than the karaoke background ones.  I'll be posting about our kids worship in more detail soon.  But in short, we use a variety of different styles, some stuff from Duggie, some stuff from Ishmael, some stuff from Hillsong Kids, among others.  But hey, this guy was doing everything himself, every week, and I think considering that, he was doing an amazing job.

I'll leave you with a video from Hillsong Kids.

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