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Monday, October 15, 2012

Living Thankfully

holy experience

Another week, another list.  Here we go then, in no particular order, On Monday 15th October 2012 I am thankful for . . . . 

851. Safe journeys to and from Leeds last week.

852.  The camaraderie that builds amongst a group of total strangers who are all waiting for the same bus that ends up being an hour late.

853.  My hubby hung around and waited to pick me up at the other end, even though we had added another half an hour delay by then, on top of the 1 hour when it picked us up.

854.  Church directors that believe in my dream to have prayer spaces in local schools enough to pay for me to go to the training day.

855.  Awesome day at Prayer Spaces training, lots of information, but more about building enthusiasm and excitement.

856.  The members of my Sunday's Cool team.  All the hard work they put in to sharing Jesus with the children.And all the ways they bless the children as well as me.

857.  Wonderful hugs from one of the younger children.

858.  Cupboards full of supplies, even if I have to give it a good clear out every so often.

859.  Reminders of all the years I've taught in Sunday's Cool, when going through old curriculum and supplies.

860.  15 minutes chores, 15 minutes me stuff repeated through the day really DOES get stuff done!

861.  Cleaning supplies that make chores easier.

862.  The new vacuum cleaner my husband bought out of the overtime money he earned last month.  It is so much more powerful than our old one, WOW.


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