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Monday, October 22, 2012

Living Thankfully

holy experience

Another week, another list.  Here we go then, in no particular order, On Monday 22nd October 2012 I am thankful for . . . . 

863.  My youngest son's 18th Birthday means there are no longer officially children in this house.

864.  Wonderful hugs from a 6 year old with aspergers, they are the highlight of my week, because they come with no conditions, no expectations, and if he doesn't want to hug you it's because HE doesn't want to today, not because of what you've done or not done.

865.  A hug from one of my heroes in children's ministry.  Yes, Keith if you're reading this you're one of my heroes!

866.  Hearing him speak to the church, and nodding all the way through because I completely got it!

867.  God speaking through trusted friends.

868.  Hubby's pay rise, it's something even if it's not what we were hoping for.

869.  Supermarkets that offer online shopping with delivery.

870.  A quieter week after the busiest 3 weeks I have had all year.

871.  Youngest son getting to take a day off rehearsals for Calamity Jane to recover from this nasty cold he picked up, although prayers for recovery in time for this evening's rehearsal would be good, as performances begin on Wednesday.

872.  Kind, although puzzling, comment as I was leaving church yesterday.

873.  Fun with the children after church had finished yesterday.  One of them began following me, so I made a comment about having a shadow.  Then another joined in and another and pretty soon I had 7 children trailing behind me following my every move.  I took them on a long walk in and out of the rows of chairs, round and round the lectern and so on.


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