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Saturday, October 06, 2012

Story Telling

This is my day six post for the "31 days of blogging in October" challenge.  I am blogging 31 days of Children's Ministry.  To find links to all the other days (as they get posted) go to DAY 1.  Today I am just going to share links to some bible props and costumes that I have shared in the past.

One of the things I love to do is storytelling.  Here is just a sample

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Big Bad Brian the Lion
Heeheee.  What a title.

This is the recording of me telling the story of big Bad Brian the Lion..

I have used it in schools to talk about bullying, and in church to tell a bible story from a different angle.  Tomorrow I will tell you my technique for learning stories like this.  YES, I learn them.  I don't read them from a book, I learn them.  But the learning technique is not to learn them by heart (except for one or two stories where it depends on the exact wording to make sense) but to use a technique called "learning the bones".  I will explain that technique, using this story as an example, tomorrow.

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