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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Prophetic Crochet?

Yes, I'm serious.  I've seen prophetic dance, prophetic paintings, prophetic writing, so why not prophetic crochet?

First of all, what do I mean by prophetic arts in general.  I'll steal a definition from the author, Matt Tommey.

Every time you create a piece of art, you get the unique opportunity to allow the Father to flow through you by the Holy Spirit to touch the life of the one who is interacting with your work. This process releases the testimony of Jesus through your art – who Jesus is, what he’s done, His presence, Glory, power, grace, mercy and healing – it literally releases the Spirit of Prophecy or the Breath (Wind) of God imparting life to the one interacting with your creative expression. Because the Holy Spirit can work through anything at anytime with any person, your artwork becomes the place where Heaven meets earth – a table of sorts – where the Father waits to interact with people that interact with your art. It’s there that a divine conversation often begins.
So, HOW does that relate to crochet?  This is a piece of crochet I did a few years ago now.  I had actually forgotten about it until it came up in conversation last week so I went and dug it out.

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This came about at a time when a group I was involved in was talking about prayer shawls.  I felt that the Holy Spirit prompted me to make this particular piece when I looked at my yarn stash shortly after those conversations.  I had the black and the metallic yarn, but I had to buy the multicoloured yarn specially.

If you take the piece from left to right as it is pictured here, there is a journey through someone's life.  The prayer shawls we had been talking about were for people facing difficult situations and the black yarn represents that.  The darkness, hopelessness etc.  The light comes in, and fades out and I know in my own situations I have found myself wondering at times why God would give me those glimpses of what could be only to have it all go back to the way it was again.  So, the black and the metallic yarn come in and out, but finally, at the end the multicoloured yarn comes in, first mixed in with the black but then all by itself.  VICTORY!

You see, no matter what kind of creativity a person moves in, I honestly believe God can use it in the way Matt describes in the quote above.  And I am passionate about seeing people released into that.  That Christian art is not just about art with Christian themes, it is about art inspired by the Holy Spirit.

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  1. love this post! I am totally and utterly in agreement to you. Crochet for me is a tool of release, healing and a means to bless xxxxx

  2. Hi AB. I'm so glad you wrote about this. I have ended up with a Lenten crochet project. Not at all sure how or why but it does feel hugely significant to me. I like the thought of its turning out to be prophetic! I'm quite excited about that now x

    1. When you read that definition from Matt, it makes sense. Whatever creativity we move in, if the person seeing or hearing (or I suppose, feeling or smelling or tasting, surely it works the same) that experiences Father God or Jesus through the Holy Spirit using our piece then it is prophetic.


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