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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Quick Little Solution to a Crafting On The Move Problem

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Crafting on the Move brings about problems of how to transport your materials.  I'm going to be going away for a few days of retreat and want to take some art materials, particularly my Neocolor II watersoluble crayons.  I originally had a box of 12 Neocolors but have gradually been building my collection by buying one or two here and there.  That means the original tin is no good for storing them because I have so many more now.

Back in January last year I made a box to store them in by covering a chocolate box with hand made paper.

Yes, I am a little careless when using spray inks, that's what you see inside the lid.
But there you have it, my collection of neocolors.  Now that box works well when in the craft studio, but what about on the move?  As soon as I put that box into the bag I use for crafting on the move, the lid will fall off and all the crayons will fall out, right?  So I thought about making a crayon wrap, and even started to make one, then I lost the bias binding I bought to trim it and could not be bothered with the hassle of making my own.  So, what to do?

Simple.  I grabbed some wide elastic from my sewing box and made loops that were a bit smaller than the box so that it would be just tight enough when on there.  I dyed them by using simple spray inks.  And there you have it, a box with a lid that stays put no matter what, when I want to use my Neocolours on the move!

Now to come up with a solution for my pencils . . . . . and there is no time left for making a pencil wrap!

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  1. Hi Aisling - I stumbled across your page when googling a recipe (mini cinnamon whirls, since you ask) and was delighted to find you. My eye was caught by your profile comment about starting again 'for the first time'. It was something I needed to be reminded of (I get bored of my continual starting-again pattern, and wonder if God does, too...)I will be following from now on, for recipes and Junior Church how-tos as well as everything else. I only wish I had your artistic flair - your book cover is making me look at journalling for the first time, too. Many thanks. Jan


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