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Friday, June 07, 2013

Journal Cover Page

Did you see the journal I made the other day.  The one with the fancy edges to the pages?  Well now it has a cover.

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This is all from a class by Valerie Sjodin, so I won't be sharing any how to, but I thought you might want to see my progress.

First of all I worked on the flap, I pencilled in the two lines that the word retreat sits between in the photo above, then wrote in the letters as you see.  Once I began adding the other lines, above the letters I could see the necklace form take shape and so I drew in those beads as well.  I knew which bible verse I wanted to put in there, but it kind of went wrong, as you can see below.  But I managed to fix that, which you will see later.

I will be using this journal when I go on retreat later this month, hence the word on the flap and the quote I chose for under the flap.  I wrote that using a Zig calligraphy pen.

Then came colour and the fixing of the mistake on the flap.  I cut another piece of watercolour paper the same shape as the area with the lettering on it and re worked the lettering, then glued that onto the flap to cover up the mistake.

I embossed the beads on the necklace shape using a Zig embossing pen and gold embossing powder.

The class is still open, why don't you come join us?  As a mini class it's not expensive.

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  1. Beautiful cover and beautiful calligraphy. Well done!

  2. wow, very special, enjoy your retreat and using this wonderful piece! thanks for sharing on craft schooling sunday!

  3. This is beautiful! Thanks for linking up with us at LWSL this week!


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