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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Another Journal

Yes, ANOTHER one.  I know, I already have too many journals.  But one of them is nearly finished.  This is my big journal, with A4 pages.

Big Journal

There is an unfinished project in there which I have left space for and other than that there are only 2 pages left. I do like working on the bigger pages and needed to get another one for when those 2 pages are used up.

The main problem with this journal was that it has glued in pages rather than a stitched binding, which had perforations at the top to allow removal of pages.  That created problems on two levels.  First it wouldn't lie flat for working in and 2nd it was just ridiculously difficult to work on two page spreads.

So I decided to make a new journal.  I picked up an A3 size pad of artist paper from Hobbycraft.  At the time of writing there is currently a sale on art materials at Hobbycraft and I picked it up at half price.

I wanted to try a stitch combination for the binding that I had seen on Pinterest, but I couldn't find a tutorial anywhere!  I tried to work it out myself but it didn't quite go according to plan.

Long stitch and chain (sometimes called Long Stitch and Link Stitch)

If you take a closer look you will see that the chain on the ends isn't quite right. It's supposed to look more or less like the Coptic Stitch, but on the outside of the cover rather than on the bare pages.

Long Stitch and Chain (Well, it was supposed to be)

It might not look quite how I wanted it to but it still works.  From further research after this I think the key is you work into half as many holes, so if you have 8 signatures you have only 4 sets of holes and so on.  I have another A3 pad ready to go, so I shall have to give it a try on that and see if I can figure it out.

Do you recognise that cover paper yet? You have seen it before. Look at the very top photo in this post, at the surface the book is sitting on. Yes, that is the drop sheet from my desk.

Think that drop sheet is nearly done

This is the cover.

New Big Journal - cover

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And this is the inside cover. I used a hand made paper in red with gold threads which I picked up years ago at Paperchase.

New Big Journal, inside cover

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I can't wait to start working in it BUT I shall have to discipline myself to finish those two pages in the other book first.

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