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Saturday, September 14, 2013


You may have read my recent post here on my blog about the e-course I am currently in, called Made.  The first week of this course was about Freedom and one of the things we were asked to think about was what makes us feel safe, or what being safe feels like to us.  I made the following page in response:


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I started with some modelling paste applied through a stencil, which I then covered over with spray inks in green and blues because I was thinking about the countryside and near water feeling safe.  I highlighted some of the areas of modelling paste using both hard and oil pastels.  Then I started to write down some of the other things being safe had come to mean for me at times, things like never disappointing anyone and always meeting their expectations.

I knew these were not good things and not what God intended to make us feel safe so I knew that I needed to cover that up with another layer somehow but I wasn't sure what. It was then that I felt God show me an image of a child dancing on their daddy's feet, just like I had done as a little girl.  I knew that was it, what I wanted to use, but how to put it in there?  I could have just printed out a photo found online and glued it in, but I wanted to try drawing it.

To be fair I have to tell you that I traced the outlines BUT the shading is all mine from following the photo.

See, I traced it!

I tore that out from the piece of paper I had drawn it on, and glued it onto my page.  Then I finished the page with a quote from an article I had found online.


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