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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Visual Bible Notes Journal

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So I had been looking on Pinterest and thinking about Visual Bible notes.  I have only recently discovered that I can in fact draw much better than I thought I could, but the drawings in this journal are not that stuff.  The drawings in here are stick figures, meant for just a very quick representation of part of a story.

If you want some more ideas on visual bible notes, check out my Crafty Faith board on Pinterest.

I made the journal on my bind it all machine.  I used watercolour paper for the pages and the board from the back of watercolour pads for the covers.  The paper for the covers came from the QVC outlet store.



I made a bookmark by cutting a shipping tag on the bind it all and then cutting from the edge to the centre of each hole that made with a pair of scissors.

I made the covers wider than the pages so that I could fit in an elastic loop to keep a pen or pencil attached.  Or, if you use a narrow pen you can just about get both in.


You can check out some of the drawings I have done so far in the video above.  The reading plan I am using is on YouVersion.  You read 5 days out of every week with two days for catch up or contemplation and in a year you will cover main key chapters, reading just one chapter each day.  It's called Bible Survey and comes in 4 sections, I am on Bible Survey: Part One.

Obviously you skip a lot doing only key chapters and some of those in between stories are visually interesting so I will give myself leeway to delve into them a bit more than the skipping over them would suggest.

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