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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Yes, it's ANOTHER Journal

Prayer Journaling

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Shhh, don't tell anyone but I made ANOTHER journal.  Well actually I prepared this book for journalling many months ago, but only started using it this week.  This week on the Made eCourse we were talking about art journalling as prayer and about pouring stuff out on the page, then petitioning, then listening, and I decided this book would be IDEAL for that.
I picked this book up a few years ago in a budget book store.

Altered Narnia Activity Book

Then, some months ago I prepared it for use in art journaling by covering some of the text with gesso and some of the pictures with just a layer of gesso to tone down the image rather than cover it completely.

When I came to do this project, I wanted to see some of the words that I had covered, so I tried wiping off some of the gesso and while it did work, to an extent, in some places I took too much away and had to add a few of the letters back in in pen. I drew lines around the areas I wanted to reveal.

Altered Narnia Activity Book

Then I did some writing around the edge of the page, pouring out some stuff to God and so on. I did this in blue biro, which is not waterproof. I went all around the page twice, in various different directions. Then I took a damp songe and wiped all over that to blur the ink.

Altered Narnia Activity Book

After that I took some gesso and sponged that into the same area to further blur the ink and writing underneath.

Altered Narnia Activity Book

I grabbed some pastels and added more colour in one corner then took an image from a magazine as well as a quote and glued those in along with some alphabet stickers.

Prayer Journaling

The quote at the bottom is from The Horse and His Boy, from the Narnia series of books.

Prayer Journaling

As are all the quotes on the other page.

Prayer Journaling

So, there you ahve it a finished page of art journaling as prayer. I am looking forward to doing some more of this.

Prayer Journaling

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